systemd enters the real world

Despite my frustrations with systemd and the attitudes surrounding it, it has now been accepted by both Debian and Ubuntu in addition to Fedora. And this is a great thing.

Read what is going through the community now. Things like this blog post are floating around now. The conversation is happening. The concerns are out there. And now they have to be addressed. Now the concerns being addressed are not the concerns of a small group but the concerns of a greater community. It’s the old if “you can’t beat them, join them”…. and change them.

Debian alone introduces a large stabilizing force. Up until now, systemd has been controlled by a community of like-minded people. That’s normal. But when it becomes Linux infrastructure the variety of minds contributing and consuming increases. And heterogeneity is a wonderful thing. I just may hold off using it myself, until some of this takes shape. 🙂

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