Tools I love: Chezmoi

Keywords: #tools #unix

I’ve done a bajillion things to manage my dotfiles over the years. I found chezmoi a few years back and have really stuck with it.

Shifting More to Go

Keywords: #programming

Sure, I’m behind the times. I think more people are moving from Go to Rust lately, but here’s why I use the languages I do and why Go is swallowing more and more of those use cases.

Home Network

Keywords: #network #raspberry pi #pfSense

A rambling description of the home network setup of a controlling nerd.

College Football Super League

Keywords: #cfb

The playoffs are broken, the NCAA is losing all “amateur” nonsense rules, OU and Texas are joining (or at least trying to join) the SEC, and there are rumors the SEC is talking to every team worth talking to.

So I’ll imagine a new super league with the SEC as the center of the CFB universe.


Keywords: #computer #FreeBSD

A project I’m working on to make a friendly, opinionated frontend to poudriere