Vermiculture Project Part 1

Keywords: #raspi #hobby #gardening

I have a project that’s been in my head for a while: vermiculture. But it sounds like a lot of work. So of course, I want to automate it.

Right now this is a sketch of a plan, but I figured I’d share.

My Issues with Java

Keywords: #java #programming

Java is mostly a fine language. But I want to describe the issues I see with Enterprise Java development.

I don’t personally write a lot of Java. Only when I’m working on an existing project. But in my role, I spend a lot of time troubleshooting performance problems, memory leaks, and unintended behavior in applications frequently.

This is somewhat of a rant. A therapeutic exercise.

Tools I love: Chezmoi

Keywords: #tools #unix

I’ve done a bajillion things to manage my dotfiles over the years. I found chezmoi a few years back and have really stuck with it.

Shifting More to Go

Keywords: #programming

Sure, I’m behind the times. I think more people are moving from Go to Rust lately, but here’s why I use the languages I do and why Go is swallowing more and more of those use cases.

Home Network

Keywords: #network #raspberry pi #pfSense

A rambling description of the home network setup of a controlling nerd.