Keywords: #computer #FreeBSD

A project I’m working on to make a friendly, opinionated frontend to poudriere

In trying to get caught up on modern FreeBSD, I’ve been experimenting with poudriere to build my own pkg repo.

Mostly this was because I want to keep the system based on the latest Python version.

As much as I’m enjoying poudriere, despite slow build times on my painfully old PC laptop, I find the command line and maintenance constantly requiring me to look up docs for commands.

I started with wrapping some shell scripts around it, but once it became sufficiently complex, I decided to expand it into a more sophisticated Python application. I’m also using it as an excuse to leverage modern Python tooling and features, such as type-hinting.

I’m publishing it under a 2-Clause BSD license and welcome contributions. It’s currently functionally incomplete, and possibly misguided in some ways.

You can find the Arsenal project on GitHub.