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Credit Card Competition Act

I’m disappointed in the bias and logic in articles on the Credit Card Competition Act. I’m Not saying the law is good or bad, just an example of poor media writing and practices.

Generally, I don’t talk politics. And reading it, I just more based on logic and the internal consistency of an argument.

This just seems to be a very good example of bad.

Cheap Tele Kit Part 2: Wood for Guitars

I’ve learned a lot about wood over the past couple years and figured I’d share as much as I could all together in a summary as background before I get into my experience doing finish on my Tele Kit.

None of this is specific to the Tele project and most isn’t specific to guitars, but maintains that perspective.

To me, this background and understanding of wood has been key to the practice of woodworking and finishing wood projects. It’s the difference between following instructions and adapting them based on understanding.

Cheap Tele Kit Part 1: What's in the box?

I’m building a cheap TC-style kit guitar from Amazon.

The purchase was a gamble. I wanted to get a Harley Benton to have a more known commodity, but the shipping from England was more than the kit itself. So random Amazon kit it is.

More on the Kodak Speaker

More details on my vintage Kodak Deluxe Speaker Unit Model A find. I tried to get some photos, but I apologize for the quick & dirty cell iPhone quality.

Rack and Cab

I finished my guitar rack and got the old Kodak speaker working great as a 12" cabinet.