Home Server

Keywords: #computer #network

I found this blog post on using a laptop as a home server interesting.

But I’ve wandered in a different direction

Mark Twain Fishing Thermometer

Keywords: #raspi #fishing #hobby

Water temperature matters a lot for fish and their behavior. So knowing the water temperature is really helpful when figuring out how you are going to fish.

At the same time, most advice given on that is based on large lake ecosystems, and often correlating season to temp for the region.

I want to science. I want to take these readings, experiment by viewing behavior and success/failure of approaches, what species do what, etc.

So I want to make something that lets me log and measure.

A Civivi and a Svörd

Keywords: #knives #review

Impressions on 2 new pocket knives I just got today.

  • Civivi Elementum Liner Lock, micarta scales
  • Svörd Mini Peasant in D2

Vermiculture Project Part 1

Keywords: #raspi #hobby #gardening

I have a project that’s been in my head for a while: vermiculture. But it sounds like a lot of work. So of course, I want to automate it.

Right now this is a sketch of a plan, but I figured I’d share.

My Issues with Java

Keywords: #java #programming

Java is mostly a fine language. But I want to describe the issues I see with Enterprise Java development.

I don’t personally write a lot of Java. Only when I’m working on an existing project. But in my role, I spend a lot of time troubleshooting performance problems, memory leaks, and unintended behavior in applications frequently.

This is somewhat of a rant. A therapeutic exercise.