Rack and Cab

Rack and Cab

I finished my guitar rack and got the old Kodak speaker working great as a 12" cabinet.

The guitar rack works great. There are plenty of flaws in my workmanship and I’d change some things like making the guitars more upright. But it’s finished, it looks pretty good and it works.

I also removed the 80 year old 50’ cable from the Kodak 16mm film projector speaker. I realized I could just add a 1.2 Ohm resistor and make it 8 Ohms, and attached a standard phono jack to it.

Here’s both of them

Rack and Cab

I ordered a panel to put into the back. That’ll let me cut out a hole and mount the jack to the back. I’m hoping I can make that fit below the hinge to be able to keep it so I can make it open or closed.

With the resistor, it really only distorts a bit at higher volumes on lower frequencies. It definitely has “character” to it, but just vintage sounding, not bad. The natural distortion is nice because it’s “touch sensitive” and just sounds like a good overdrive.

Not something I’d want to test pedal designs on, but definitely something fun. It does pair well with my Micro Terror, but I dream of getting a better totally tube amp to go with it. Maybe one day I’ll find something just as weird for it to be friends with.