veni vidi didici

More on the Kodak Speaker

More details on my vintage Kodak Deluxe Speaker Unit Model A find. I tried to get some photos, but I apologize for the quick & dirty cell iPhone quality.

Rack and Cab

I finished my guitar rack and got the old Kodak speaker working great as a 12" cabinet.

Kodak Cab

I found a weird old Kodak speaker for a 16mm projector. I think it would make a really cool Guitar or Bass Amp cabinet.

music crush: tricot

I don’t find new music as much these days, but thought I’d share a band I recently fell in love with.

Guitar Stand Almost Finished

I’m mostly done with a guitar stand made from reclaimed wood from broken furniture. It’s been tough… a little more ambitious than I planned. But I’m pretty proud of my work so far, even with the imperfections.