veni vidi didici

CLI Practices

I’ve written hundreds of CLI tools over the years on a variety of operating systems, in a ton of languages.

I have a set of practices that I invariably do, and I think they’re good for anyone.

4th Gen Failure

So called “4th Generation” object oriented languages have failed us.

It’s not their fault and they can do any task needed. But they’re not the best tool for any job.

Love Letter to Brian

Brian W. Kernighan is one of the minds I most respect in history. I’ll spend a little time gushing.

K8s Is Hard (but worth it)

Adopting Kubernetes in a mature business is difficult. It’s bigger than the shift from physical servers to VMs.

But for most workloads it’s worth it.

The End of Technology

My first shot at describing a common failure in the development of IT systems: “how?” is evaluated before “why?” and “what?” are understood.